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Founding partners have been providing service over the past 20 years in a broad range of legal fields, particularly in criminal law. Through this endeavor, our firm works with the main focus on the various aspects of criminal law (crimes related to banking, capital markets, insurance, energy markets, competition, etc.), financial crimes law (crimes of tax, customs, smuggling and human trafficking, oil smuggling, and other fiscal crimes arising from the crime legislation), bio-security law, IT law and administrative criminal law. In addition to this, our firm developed a strong emphasis on the fields of administration, health, intellectual property, energy, consumer, sports and labor law as well.

As our firm provides services to wide-spectrum of real-persons and companies locally and internationally, we also deliver outcome-oriented solutions to our clients by taking technical advice from highly specialized academicians when necessary.

As a firm, we also create strong bonds and cooperation with other domestic and international law firms and collaborate with these firms located in France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Germany.