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Our firm is fundamentally specialized in criminal law. We provide an efficient service to our clients by supporting our years of expertise and knowledge in Criminal Law through making cooperation with the most reputable academicians of Turkey. We provide strong legal support to our clients during the investigation, search, seizure, statement taking, and interrogation procedures, as well as, making the required objections and appeals in order to carry out legal inspections on all of the procedures and legal measures that had been taken by the relevant authorities. Likewise, during the litigation procedures, we aim to put forth our clients’ points and arguments in the most solid manner by combining our practical expertise in the field with the up to date doctrinal developments and the High Court’s judicial opinion. We would like to highlight that the most essential feature of our firm is our ability to pursue very effectively before any authority including Law Enforcement, Prosecution and the Courts.

Foremost the crimes against the assets, and the crimes in relation to the economy, industry and commerce, and the ones regarding sectors of banking, insurance, capital and energy markets, and the crimes of competition fall with the scope of the “Law of Economic Crime”. We follow-up hundreds of investigation and litigation files in this field of the Criminal Law we most intensively work. In addition to this, we provide seminars and educations to many companies on economic crimes through our consultancy services, and give support to their inner-investigations.

Crimes in relation to the tax, customs, smuggling, and the other financial crimes within the crime legislation comprise the matter of the subject of “Financial Criminal Law”. Our firm is also highly experienced in this field and provides to its real person and legal person clients efficient legal support, as well as, following up the investigation and litigation files through defending its clients’ rights at the utmost regard to its duty of care. Our team carries out especially intensive work on “ fuel smuggling”and is fully competent in its legal practice.

In recent, our firm specifically deals with the bio-security law that regulates the scientific, technological and commercial activities regard to genetically altered organisms. Serious criminal regulations have been put forth in relation to the products other than the feed products by the Bio-security Law numbered 5977, the legislation that is yet in progress bears disputable provisions. Within this environment, our firm provides its services by rigorous cooperation with proficient academicians in the field. We also carry out our work regard to the criminal procedures of the “seed growing”.

We help our clients regard all of the administrative actions and procedures before the relevant administrative authorities and courts. Especially, we focus on the fields of zoning and development applications, appointment/alteration procedures and discipline decisions. In addition to this, we also work on the expanding field of administrative criminal law. We provide consultancy and litigation services to the persons who are being subjected to the administrative sanctions in relation to all of the sectors primarily including the banking, insurance, tax, and finance sectors and we particularly deal with the sanctions given by the regulation authorities.

We provide effective and result-oriented legal consultancy and litigation services to our clients in criminal cases arising from breaches of against the intellectual property. We have the utmost expertise in this field as we provide service to Turkey’s leading companies and reputable real persons who encounter disputes in the field.

As our founding partners had worked within the field of traditional media (newspaper, radio, television) for quite a long time, they have strong expertise and knowledge on this aspect. Additionally, they had acquired a deep knowledge other than the peculiarities of the traditional media by carrying out intensive work on the internet law and crimes on social media especially through their corporate consultancy. At this point, we consistently work on the applications regard to the right of reply and rectification, protection of personal data, information technology crimes, internet content removal and/or access prohibition.

Legal and criminal disputes arising from medical interventions are one of our main focuses of work. We give full support to our clients thoroughly in regard to the relevant disputes. We provide a proactive service before the professional chambers, administration authorities, prosecution, and also see through the malpractice cases by taking professional support from the relevant scientists and experts.